Boogie “I’m here to win.”

Demarcus Cousins recently traded to the New Orleans Pelicans had a few words to say at a recent press conference. When asked if he “had anything to prove” in New Orleans to former management in Sacramento, he replied “I don’t care about any of that. I’m here to install a winning mentality for this team. My goal was and is making the playoffs no matter where I ended up. I’m here to win.”

There is a bright light in NOLA, no doubt. They acquired one the best big men in the NBA for virtually nothing (as of now). The question is will Boogie and Davis bring about the return of the big men. Can they win in a guard dominated league? Also, will Cousins remain in NOLA when his contract runs it’s course in 2018?

I think that the Pelicans will have no problem resigning Cousins as long as he and Anthony Davis remain close. As for the winning, it is definitely possible. It is not too unrealistic to say they could become one of the most dangerous offensive teams if they can score big time in the off-season getting a perimeter scorer. NOLA is on the rise. You be the Judge! Is this the return of the big man?


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