Golden State Warriors. Unstoppable?

If you ask the average NBA fan who the best team in the league is, knowledgeably, most people would tell you it’s the Golden State Warriors who, after recording the single season NBA record for wins at 73-9, added Kevin Durant. The superstar small forward formerly played on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Golden State has four all-stars on their team of which include Stephen Curry (2-time reigning MVP), Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and (now) Kevin Durant.

Many believed the Warriors would struggle to find their identity as a team with all of these all-stars and they did appear to at the beginning of the season. Now, as we head past the all-star break, the Golden State Warriors are 47-9. Sitting a top the western conference. Last year, injuries plagued the Warriors roster before and throughout the 2016 NBA playoffs. Notably Stephen Curry missed time in the first round, Andrew Bogut missed games 6 and 7 of the Finals, and Andre Iguodala’s back was fading in and out throughout the finals. This year though, the Warriors can afford to lose someone. If Steph goes down, give the ball to Durant or someone else. They are undoubtedly a super team. The question is in a seven game series can they be stopped?

My Answer : Yes. No body is unbeatable and Golden State still relies HEAVILY on the jump shot. While they do have size and more defense than expected in Zaza and Durant, a team like Cleveland, Toronto, or Boston (if Boston adds some bigs to their roster) can give Golden State a run for their money. Not to mention the San Antonio Spurs are right behind them and don’t sleep on the Houston Rockets! Even the Thunder could make a move at the trade deadline to send the west into a frenzy. The Cleveland Cavaliers have added weapons to their arsenal as well in Derrick Williams and Kyle Korver, who both have had break out games since signing.

You be the Judge! Tell me, does anyone other than Cleveland stand a chance against the four-headed monster in Oakland?


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