The Boston Celtics “Win-Win, Lose-Lose” Situation.

Many would love to be in the Boston Celtics shoes. They have the highest chance at the number one overall pick in the upcoming 2017 NBA draft, which is consider to be one of the best drafts in a number of years. They also have acquired the second seed in the eastern conference and are a threat to be the number one seed due to Kevin Love’s injury for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Last, but not least of course, they have yet ANOTHER 1st round pick from the Brooklyn Nets in 2018 which also looks likely to go in the top 3 of the draft.

Why is this a win-win, lose-lose situation in my opinion?


You either trade your high draft picks and some role players for a superstar (Ex. Jimmy Butler, Paul George) and they elevate you to a championship contending team or you keep your picks and draft the next Michael Jordan or Lebron James in the upcoming two drafts. Sounds like the Celtics have it made right?


This is also a possibility. You trade your high draft picks for a superstar who doesn’t bring you a title, with the threat of Golden State and Cleveland looming. Who only brings you a bigger contract to dish out or you keep your draft picks hoping to draft the next superstar and end up getting two busts who end up being decent role players at best.

One mistake and the Celtics could lose everything they have worked towards for so many years. My suggestion would be to take your chances with the draft picks. I don’t see anyone dethroning the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers this year or in the near future. Why waste your assets on someone like Jimmy Butler who will not bring you a title right now? If you are going to build for the future you might as well take a shot on the future itself (NBA Draft Picks). I will let you be the judge. Tell me what you think Boston should do and thank you for reading my opinion.


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